Team meetings

Team meetings

A meeting or webinar via Teams, Zoom, Google meet or webbex but just a little more professional.

Online meetings

When as a meeting organizer it is not enough to “just” crawl behind a laptop and a slightly more formal and professional look is desired. In such a situation, we help companies, municipalities and governments create the pretty picture in addition to the content. We also advise on the platform or type of meeting desired and set up any invitations and registration process for you.

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“We are very happy with Frank Schel of Practical Media. They took care of everything for us from A to Z, making our live streams and events run flawlessly. I heartily recommend them to friends and colleagues because they not only think along in terms of possibilities, but also honestly indicate when something is not technically feasible. Practical Media has been our reliable partner in live streams and events for years.”

Kevin Rullens


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Where webinars, hybrid events and webcasts come to life

Where webinars, hybrid events and webcasts come to life

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