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Practical Media has flexibly arranged studios in Aalsmeer and Scheveningen. These spaces are equipped with the latest technology to ensure your webinars, online meetings and business presentations run smoothly and look professional.

Studio Scheveningen

Hellingweg 98H,
2583 WH The Hague

Studio Aalsmeer

Van Cleeffkade 15,
1431 BA Aalsmeer

Studio on location

Prefer a studio in a different location? No problem! Practical Media turns any space into a temporary webinar studio.

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“After working with Frank and Practical Media for several Hybrid meetings, we can only look back at a great collaboration and experience.”

Mauralen Ramos, EHA

“Frank has been our regular producer for many years. In all the hustle and bustle that a (live) event entails, he is a beacon of calm, creativity and professionalism that I love to fall back on. With a tight and sharp end result every time.”

T.W. Govaars, Sonic Foundry

“We are very happy with Frank Schel of Practical Media. They took care of everything for us from A to Z, making our live streams and events run flawlessly. I heartily recommend them to friends and colleagues because they not only think along in terms of possibilities, but also honestly indicate when something is not technically feasible. Practical Media has been our reliable partner in live streams and events for years.”

Kevin Rullens, Parnassia

“Working with Frank is always a treat. Cheerful, flexible and knows exactly what he is doing. Expertly, Frank handles the complete process around our webinars at Noordhoff. Nice also to see, that when people have to do this for the first time, they feel completely at ease in dealing with him!”

Niels Bak, Noorhoff

Studio in brief

Our studios have a business feel with a flexible layout. We have several basic settings for any type of recording and/or broadcast. We also have a green-screen to work with virtual backgrounds.

We have a debate table, round table, high seating with bar stools and low seating, presentation desks and various armchairs. Everything you need to get the shots in the style you want. If anything is still missing, we can of course hire it from 1 of our partners.

Our studios are equipped with modern professional studio lighting and mood lights to achieve the right atmosphere and look in the desired (home) style.

You can book our studio with technicians for (live) webinars, talk shows, webTV, podcasts, Green-screen recordings, product presentations, live shows, Training videos, E-learnings, AI avatar recordings.

We have a large number of restaurants and lunchrooms in Scheveningen nearby. We provide delicious (lunch) meals in the studio upon request. In Aalsmeer, you can take advantage of in-house catering.

Where webinars, hybrid events and webcasts come to life

Where webinars, hybrid events and webcasts come to life

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